Aloha (a low ha) - hello and goodbye, many love to someone

Mahalo (ma ha low) - thank you

Ohana - Family

Lei - String of flowers worn around the neck

Kapu  - Forbidden

Lua - Bathroom

Keiki - Child

Opala (oh pa la) - trash

Maikai (my ka'ee)  - smart, good, well done

Opu - stomach

Pigin (Hawaiian Slang) Words

Bra - Used to call a friend

Kay Den - all right then or goodbye

Dakine - Slang for "the kind"

Babooze (bah Booze) - someone acting like a clown or stupid

Jam Up - Made a mistake

Bachi (bah Chee) - A cruse put on someone

Befo - Before

Bus' um' out - show us

Bus' Laugh - To laugh a lot

Choke  - a lot, plenty

Eat it - to fall down

Figga (fee gah)  - to figure out

Hala (halaaaahhhh) - when someone is doing something wrong

Kamaaina - a local person

Kolohe (Ko Lo hay) - flirt

Howcum - How come

Piko (pee ko) - belly button

Nevah - never

no nuff - not enough

nuha - mad

Poho - something wasted

Pound - eat a lot or fight

Puka - hole

Scrap - to fight

Shark Bait  - white skin at the beach

Shoots - yes

Same Smell - same thing

So? trow party - big deal

Suck Face - kissing

Suk Suk (sook sook) - doing the nasty

Toe Jams - Stink feet

Trip - problem

Tripping - fooling around with someone

Trow me off - loose train of thought

Uku Pile -  plenty

Was Time - waste of time

Snapping - loosing control

whodaguy - who is that guy

Yeah no - that's right

An den - another way of saying I am bored with this conversation so lets move on or it could mean "and then"

Bradda, Sista - used instead of Brother or sister

Howzit - slang for hello

Some Hawaiian Food

Laulau - chunks of pork wrapped in taro leaf and steamed

Kalua Pig - A pig cooked under ground

Lomi Samin - Salty Salam mixed with tomatoes and onions

Poi - grounded taro mixed with water

Ika - squid

Poki - raw fish mixed with onions and sometime limu kou

Limu Kou - sea weed

Loco Moco - white rice with eggs, hamburger patty, and gravy on top